Industrial and Automotive

Industrial and Automotive sectors continually face pressures to reduce cost and be on top of the latest technological innovations in their industry. There is a continual pressure from cheaper knock offs who threat to take away the market share. The well-managed Industrial and Auto companies are continually looking for customers, vendors and partners. At the same time, they have an eye on competition too.

Problems we solve

  • Lead generation for Sales, Sourcing and M&A
  • Industry newsletters providing with key developments regarding vendors, competition and key accounts
  • Sales process aids to set up meetings, prep material and follow-up
  • Account based marketing
  • Procurement support- Indirect cost spend base reduction, spend analysis, vendor selection, industry analysis
  • Strategy support for new markets and new products’ entry
  • C-SAT and NPS Surveys
  • Competitive Intelligence- product, pricing, services, markets
  • Digital marketing, social media and campaign management