Investment Banks

Investment Banking Outsourcing is a potential option to reduce operations costs. Investment Banks are highly nuanced in this age of increasing complexities in both traditional and emerging industries. Smaller Investment Banks struggle with balancing their manpower requirements with their project pipelines. Medium Sized banks quickly want to acquire specialization in Emerging Industries, which are hot in terms of activity and volumes. Large Banks however are more focused on cost reduction with no dilution in the value delivered to its clients. Magistral has service offerings to help Investment Banks of varying sizes counter these challenges

Who we serve

Investment Banks, Business Brokers, M&A Advisory, Corporate M&A functions, Corporate Development, Financial Consultants

Problems We Solve through Investment Banking Outsourcing Services:

  • Buy Side M&A
  • Sell Side M&A
  • Operations outsourcing for activities related to Marketing, Investor Relations, Distributions, Fund-Raising, Investments and Exits
  • Strategy and Research Projects’ Outsourcing
  • M&A Deal sourcing for the companies shortlisted for pre-defined criteria like Revenue, Profitability, Number of Employees, Geographic Presence, Technology, Products etc.
  • Industry Reports for Industries with significant clientele
  • Due diligence, that is research based both Primary and Secondary, to uncover the true potential of an asset, while giving completely independent opinion on investment quality
  • Newsletters and MIS for clients
  • Target Sourcing
  • Partner Sourcing
  • Buyer Sourcing
  • LP Reach-out for Fund-Raising
  • Asset Valuation using latest financial modeling methodologies
  • Social Media Content and Marketing Support
  • Preparing Investment Memorandums for Companies, Funds, Co-Investing Opportunities, Real Estate, and Incubators
  • CRM Management
  • Data Cleansing, Visualization and Reporting
  • Company list generation and profiling, suitable for investment
  • Preparing SEC compliant documentation
  • Business Project Management
  • Portfolio Management

Case Studies

SEC Compliant Documentation Preparation


Optimizing Manpower Requirements for an Investment Bank


M&A Targets Profiling