Consulting Engagements

Our Consulting services are strictly business outcome oriented. It has outcome based service offerings in the functions of Sales, Strategy, Marketing, Supply Chain, Procurement and Operations. It has delivered projects in the industries of CPG, Retail, Industrials, Manufacturing, PE/VC, BFSI and Professional Services.

It delivers benefits of 2X-5X on the fee charged, effectively paying for itself from the business benefits that it brings.

Here are the differentiating aspects of our consulting services offering :

  • All consulting engagements kick-off with a planned tangible outcome. We don’t leave before the outcome has been achieved
  • Our Level 1 and Level 2 Opportunity assessment will tell you exactly what is to be expected in terms of dollar value impact and how will we go about achieving it
  • We are biased towards implementation. In consulting engagements, we don’t focus on writing reports, but sitting with clients and making it happen. We believe even imperfect strategy can be fine-tuned during its implementation. On the other hand, a great strategy that doesn’t get implemented is useless
  • All consulting engagements have at-least one team member based onsite. Operations improvement engagements has full team based onsite
  • We coach your people to bring about the change, so that changes last beyond the engagement
  • Involving people right from the board and CXO levels to supervisor and operator levels to bring about a holistic and sustainable change

Here are the typical project benefits of a Magistral consulting engagement :

  • Improving the throughput of your factory/manufacturing unit by 10-50% in 6-12 months without any capital investments through its lean manufacturing and management control systems methodology
  • Reducing the procurement spend base by 10-20% in 6-12 months by its vendor management systems.
  • Improve OTIF performance of your supply chains by 10-50% by optimizing your supply chain strategy related to distributors, retailers and warehouses
  • Eliminate the elements of intuition in your strategic planning by effective marketing research, competitive intelligence, entry strategy, country profiling and product positioning studies
  • Improve the sales of B2B businesses through its services suite of digital marketing, key account management services, newsletters, lead generation, meeting set-up and follow-up. It leads to 10%-30% improvements in pipeline and conversions
  • Producing and distributing content that brings eyeballs of your target audience which converts to meetings and then to business. Net sales improvement of 10-50%
  • Completion of a strategic event like a product launch, M&A, fund-raise, brand positioning change, factory and warehouse site selection, market entry and improved profit realization
  • Quality rejections reduction by 10-50% using principles of TQM
  • Maintenance downtime reduction by 10-50% using principles of TPM