Level 1 Opportunity Assessment

We are confident of our processes to show you value in a long term engagement with us. That’s why we offer Level 1 Opportunity Assessment absolutely free of cost. Please drop a mail to sales@magistralconsultants.com for commissioning a level 1 engagement for any of the functions like strategy, marketing, sales, supply chain, operations or procurement
Level 1 Opportunity Assessment is done using our proprietary set of questionnaires for each of the functions that we specialize in. These questionnaires are conducted over telephonic interviews with key people in respective departments of sales, marketing, strategy, supply chain, operations or procurement. Responses are than analyzed and your processes are benchmarked with best in industry to give you a report that objectively tells you where you are vis-à- vis industry. You can chose to go for Level 2 Opportunity Assessment, engage our services to improve your current position or decide to work on your own for required improvements. Two out of every three clients engage us further from this point.

Strategy even at big corporations has some elements of intuition. Our Level 1 Opportunity Assessment diagnoses the DNA of strategy departments. It tells whether your strategy is intuition based or fact based, whether you are tracking industry and competition the way you should, do strategies actually get implemented and whether strategy is leading to effective topline and bottom-line impact the way it should.Interested to know if your strategy function is doing what it needs to do, the way it needs to do? Write to us at sales@magistralconsulting.com

Marketing in our opinion is still struggling to measure “Return on Investments” on its efforts. A lot is done in the name of marketing, but whether every marketing activity is tied to profitability is something that we think even most process oriented organizations struggle with. This becomes extremely vital in an environment of shrinking budgets and ever increasing shareholders’ pressure. Our level 1 opportunity assessment attempts to quantify benefits of all current marketing activities and suggest newer set of actions that can replace old ones for a high impact marketing function. Interested to know if your Marketing function is fulfilling expectations of your key stakeholders? Write to us at sales@Magistralconsulting.com

Sales organization in successful companies works like a well oiled machinery. There are elements of accountability, right incentives, right target setting, motivated and productive salespeople and all required information at right time. Sales operations team sets targets rightly for existing and new territories. Sales meetings are run on actionable insights leading to successful conversions. Interested to know if your sales organization is working the way it should?Write to us at sales@Magistralconsulting.com

Governments, taxes, geo-political risks, finicky channels, demanding customers all can play havoc with your supply chain configuration. Key is to be flexible, ever-ready and informed. Can all your supply channels adapt to the change in demand? Are your plants and warehouses located rightly for prompt customer service? Are you present in right demand and supply markets? Do you have all the information to make a decision in real-time? For better and objective understanding of your supply chain function write to us at sales@magistralconsulting.com

We focus on knowledge and information management aspects of operations. If you face troubles with knowledge management platform maintenance or are interested in off shoring operational reports, write to us at sales@magistralconsulting.com

Procurement is a function, where improvements show up on profitability almost immediately. A procurement function that is effective does contracts with best quality and pricing, manages all vendors’ risk, continually assesses quality of supplies. A strategic procurement function analyses overall spend, makes categories’ strategies and sticks to spend base reduction targets. Do you think your procurement organization is both effective and strategic? To know write to us at sales@magistralconsulting.com