Level 2 Opportunity Assessment

Level 2 Opportunity Assessment is a deeper and more detailed customized assessment of your functions. It’s customized beyond standard questionnaires. A team of experienced consultants visit your office and collect samples of your work, does number crunching, performs observation studies to provide you with much more actionable intelligence on improving your strategy, marketing, sales, supply chain, operations or procurement functions. It’s a comprehensive audit of your “as-is” state, which also recommends a more effective “to be” state using tools of business process re-engineering. This exercise takes 1-2 weeks depending on the scope and size of assessment.

Our Level 1 and Level 2 Opportunity assessments give a very clear idea to our clients about the business problems, potential solutions and the business benefits of engaging Magistral. A typical Magistral engagement produces 2X-5X times the returns for clients, in a way, paying for itself through the business benefits it brings. Here are the typical benefits of a Magistral consulting engagement

  • Improving the throughput of a factory/manufacturing unit by 10-50% in 6-12 months without any capital investments through its lean manufacturing and management control systems methodology
  • Reducing the procurement spend base by 10-20% in 6-12 months by its vendor management systems
  • Improve OTIF performance of your supply chains by 10-50% by optimizing your supply chain strategy related to distributors, retailers and warehouses
  • Eliminate the elements of intuition in your strategic planning by effective marketing research, competitive intelligence, entry strategy, country profiling and product positioning studies
  • Improve the sales of B2B businesses through its services suite of digital marketing, key account management services, newsletters, lead generation, meetings set-up and follow-up. It leads to 10%-30% improvements in pipeline and conversions
  • Producing and distributing content that attracts eyeballs of the client’s target audience, which converts to meetings and subsequently to new business for clients. Net sales improvement of 10-50%


Business case preparation to engage us can happen either after Level 1 or Level 2 Opportunity Assessment exercise. It gives you expected dollar value impact of engaging us and payback period of the project or process.

Once we have identified the way you operate and have convinced you about going ahead with a longer term engagement, we get onto designing a solution specific to the function. These solutions detail out specific interventions required to fill the current gaps. Though highly customized, the solution details out following elements:

  • Interventions Required
  • Engagement Model (Retainer, FTEs, Adhoc)
  • Mode of delivery (Onsite, Offshore)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Governance Mechanisms


For details on specific solutions for each function of strategy, sales, marketing, operations, supply chain and procurement, check out our Research and Analytics offerings here.

Once designed solutions are signed off, we get cracking about implementing it. Our bench strength ensures a trained team in matter of days. Clients have choice of interviewing analysts and consultants who would be working with them.

No Magistral engagement exists without signoff on quantified benefits. Project manager estimates the dollar value impact of engagement and gets the sign-off from client SPOC for every quarter of engagement. This works in parallel with collecting CSAT and NPS scores from all the client stakeholders.