Research & Analytics

Our Research and Analytics service offerings provide leading global organizations with cutting edge solutions for their data and information needs. With access to all the major information sources and databases, Magistral is in an enviable position to become your preferred partner for all your data and information needs.


Strategy departments globally are facing shrinking budgets and are being viewed as discretionary spends. Strategy departments also see fluctuations in terms of volume of projects across the year.

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Sales organizations find business environment more challenging than ever before. They struggle with team’s attrition, lack of information and no comprehensive visibility of pipeline.

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Marketing functions world over are struggling to justify their ‘Return on Investments’. Even when they produce immense benefits to the organization a visual quantifiable link seems missing.

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Supply Chain

Magistral’s Supply Chain offerings help organizations ship its products at right time, right place, right quality and in right quantity.

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Magistral’s offerings for operations functions help organizations streamline data collection and present in a way that helps in agile decision making.

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Procurement function’s objectives are to analyze tons of data and information and make a decision real quick without impacting the business continuity.

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