Strategy departments globally are facing shrinking budgets and are being viewed as discretionary spends. Strategy departments also see fluctuations in terms of volume of projects across the year. The need of the hour is high-quality information when you need it. Magistral intends to be your trusted strategy partner when you need high quality information as support to your in-house team. We have following service offerings for strategy function:

Macro-economic analysis

Macro economic analysis of countries, continents, states or geographies that are important for your business. Analysis can be altered for specific industry or business


Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Newsletters tracking competition, vendors or customers through automated tools like web crawlers along with impact analysis by an experienced analyst.

Entry Strategy

Analysis of a potential market or product along with implementable ways to enter the market.

Feasibility Studies

Planned for a product or a geography foray? Want to understand feasibility of your ideas? Our feasibility study templates across industries and geographies help you here.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive company profiles, pricing and service quality analysis through ghost surveys, and periodic tracking of quarterly results and strategic shifts of competition.

M&A Support

Lead generation, company profiling, initial analysis for synergies, valuation and approach for potential M&A targets for your company.

Industry Studies

Highly customized analysis of Industries within a geography with elements like growth forecasts, porters 5 forces, trends, drivers and challenges.

Country Profiling

Highly customized profiles of countries analyzing them on business specific parameters to help our clients make strategic decisions.

Company Profiles

Small, medium and large company profiles analyzing them on all possible parameters for specific purposes whether they are competition, vendors, JV partners, M&A targets or customers.

Typical expected outcomes of Magistral engagement

  • Upto 50% Reduction in Strategy Budgets
  • Data Backed Decisions
  • Target Setting
  • Prospect Identification
  • Price Competitive Solution
  • Faster Decisions