About Us

Magistral is a leading service provider in the areas of Consulting, Research and Analytics. Its outcome oriented services have helped multiple global organizations solve their problems related to better decision making, increased organizational agility and better cost optimization through a series of focused high impact interventions.


Our people


Founding team has more than seventy years of experience amongst themselves in the areas of management consulting and research. Till date, team has worked with 350+ clients across globe with 1200+ high impact assignments in the areas of strategy, operations, marketing and supply chain management across industries. Currently a team of 50+ networked analysts with advanced qualifications in business management, mathematics, sciences and engineering help clients with assignments of varying complexities. Talking of outcomes, we have added more than 1.2 billion dollars in clients’ revenues and profits either through identifying growth opportunities or through cost optimization initiatives implemented through offshoring.


Our Methodology


Our methodology is customizable as per clients’ needs. Services and Industry sections detail out our expertise and experience. If you are sure of areas where we could add value to your operations, please “contact us” with your requirements and we shall revert within 24 working hours. A competitive proposal will reach you within 5 business working days.
In case you are still wondering, how we can help, please get in touch to kick-off our “Opportunity Assessment Level- 1” study, which will further assist you through the process, convincing you of our value add at every stage of our proprietary 5 step “Check-Deliver-Measure Value ” (CDMV) process. Opportunity Assessment Level 1 is absolutely free and Opportunity Assessment Level 2 is delivered at “only cost and no profit” basis.

Magistral’s 5 Step “Check-Deliver- Measure Value” (CDMV) Process

Research & Analytics


Our Research and Analytics service offerings provide leading global organizations with cutting-edge solutions for their data and information needs. With access to all the major information sources and databases, Magistral is in an enviable position to become your preferred partner for all your data and information needs


Magistral’s Research and Analytics Service Offerings Methodology

Our mission is to provide our clients with unbiased and objective recommendations backed by comprehensive research, whilst encouraging supporting and developing our employees to consistently achieve level of excellence both professionally and personally

Our vision is to make a real impact to our clients’ strategy and operations through consulting,research and analytics services, which is high quality and value for money. We achieve our goals on the back of top notch performance from our employees who compete with themselves and not each other in a congenial environment which promotes career progression, specialization and work-life balance.

Passion: Inspiring, motivating and enabling our people to give their best consistently to create an organization that is agile and fast learning
Honesty and Integrity: Delivering on promises to all stakeholders in a fair, open and transparent way
Respect and Humility: Respecting all ways of problem solving and accepting we may not know everything
Bold and Aggressive: Moving rapidly and decisively; thriving on speed of execution