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Magistral is the trusted outsourcing partner of Global companies for Research and Analytics services.

We have helped multiple global organizations improve quality, manage risks, build more flexibility in operations, and respond faster to market challenges while reducing costs significantly.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by being "hands-on" and taking responsibility for business outcomes. We don't make money till you do so. "Relationships" are far more critical than "Profits" in any business situation. No wonder then, more than 70% of our business comes from either repeat or referenced clients.

With delivery centers in India and sales offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Oslo, and Singapore, we are big enough to deliver on varied requirements of the industries we serve and still small enough to be hyper-sensitive about our clients' service needs.

We have a significant client base in the US, the UK, Europe, Middle-east, Australia, and India.


Our investment research services help investment managers improve the quality of their investments along with significant reduction in the costs. This is how we help global asset managers.

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Our Procurement and Supply Chain Analytics Services blend the insights with action to improve the operational efficiency and optimize costs. This is how we help global companies across industries through this offering.

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Our Strategy and Marketing Support services help our global clients make strategic decisions with confidence on the back of well-researched insights. We bring in a “fresh-eye” perspective and objective opinions in multiple business situations.

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