Procurement and Supply Chain Intelligence

Our Procurement and Supply Chain Analytics Services blend the insights with action to improve the operational efficiency and optimize costs. This is how we help global companies across industries through this offering

  • Identify emerging opportunities to cut costs, lower risks, improve quality and efficiencies, and be more agile than the competitors
  • Reducing working capital requirements for the businesses
  • Insights when blended with actions lead to sustainable cost advantages
  • Stay on top of major industry trends and the impact it may have on your operations
  • Better communications with your suppliers leading to mutually beneficial relationships
  • Spend less time searching for data
  • Visualization gives a holistic bird-eye view for comprehensive data backed business decisions
  • Supply Chain planning helps in establishing supply chains of new facilities

Category Intelligence

Our Category Intelligence services help clients stay on top of indirect categories like Marketing Services, Professional Services
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Commodity Intelligence

Our commodity intelligence services provide specialist information for several commodities like gas, power, fuels, gold, and several
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Procurement Analytics

Our Procurement Analytics leads to detailed spend analysis and visualization. This leads to decisions that reduce spend base
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Inventory Management

Capital tied up in inventory leads to requirements for higher working capital. Apart from higher working capital requirements
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Operations and PMO Support

If your Operations need a centralized planner to plan, report and review all the operations activities across multiple sites
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Supplier Management

Supplier Relationships are vital to improving quality and reducing costs. Magistral helps throughout the value chain of a supplier journey
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Supplier Risk Intelligence

For large businesses with supply chains spread across multiple geographies, Chief Procurement Officers’ primary challenge
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Transportation Analytics

Last-mile delivery is challenging, and so are international supply chains with multiple modes of transport. Magistral helps
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