Investment Research

Our investment research services help investment managers improve the quality of their investments along with significant reduction in the costs. This is how we help global asset managers

  • Deal Origination to track the upcoming deals in a geography and/or industry
  • Due Diligence for the targets to make sure the returns from the funds are superior
  • Fund Raising for Start-Ups and Funds
  • Portfolio Management for reducing cost of managing companies and assets, apart from facilitating strategic decision making
  • Equity Research to track stocks for investors in the public markets
  • Research to enable insights, data and fact based investment decision making
  • Fund administration and accounting services to reduce operational risks

Fund Strategy And Marketing

‘Dry Powder’ available for investments is at an all-time high. Even funds of $100 billion sizes are being closed in a span of months. This has
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Fund-raising for Emerging Managers is an uphill task. Though the Managers who have returned money multiple times over in the past to investors
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Deal Origination

Deal Origination Services update the deal pipeline for funds like Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, and Investment Banks
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Deal Execution And Due Diligence

Our deal execution and due diligence service offering ensures healthy returns from an asset over the investment period.
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Financial Modeling

Magistral provides Financial Modeling services for all types of deals. Financial models have been a trusted way to find the contours
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Portfolio Management

Magistral offers Portfolio Management services for varied kinds of the portfolio of companies for a Private Equity or a Venture Capital fund
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Equity Research And Analysis

Equity Research and Analysis are as good as the data backing the analysis. We provide information and analytical horsepower that helps
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