Fund-raising for Emerging Managers is an uphill task. Though the Managers who have returned money multiple times over in the past to investors find it a cakewalk, others struggle endlessly to close even their maiden funds. In these times when the raised capital for investment is at an all-time high, there is a flurry of new managers coming into the market, many of whom will probably not survive in the future. And the first shot to survival is the successful fund-raising round.

Magistral helps you tap all the resources available for funding. We have a ‘Retainer’ based support for fund-raising. Retainer based support works out way cheaper than the broker fee in the long run for a successful manager. Smart GPs know that brokerage eventually comes from the kitty available for investing, effectively reducing the returns for LPs.

We do introduce our clients who are looking to invest, to ones who are looking for funds in a ‘Success- Fee’ based arrangement but we are really choosey of whom we represent. We will not be able to enter the ‘Success-Fee’ based arrangement with all. There is no constraint of that sort for ‘Retainer’ based support.

We provide offshore based fund-raising support to close funds faster and cheaper. The following are our service offerings:

LP Research

Listing and profiling of all the LPs that invested in funds or opportunities like yours, across the globe.

LP Reach-Out

Reaching out to LPs to set up a connect between the GP and relevant LPs. Reach-out is done on emails, social media, and phone

Meetings Support

Preparation of content, past investments, partner profiles, and everything else that could help you in the meeting

Events’ Support

Listing out all the relevant events related to your industry, finding out attendees, coordinating for your attendance and support in preparing content and profiles for the event

Typical outcomes of our Fund Raising services

  • Fund-close achieved in up-to 30% lesser time
  • Significantly higher chance of exploring the full universe of relevant investors for your fund
  • 1-2% improvement in funds’ IRR due to less expenses