Deal Origination

Deal Origination Services update the deal pipeline for funds like Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, and Investment Banks and Family Offices.

Deals are everywhere and you know the best deals. But do you?

Lots of investing are being done in hordes. An asset of inferior quality keeps raising multiple rounds of funding whereas a multitude of quality assets die without even the seed capital. Branding traditional businesses as ‘tech’ business sometimes is good enough to get the attention of investors and valuations to increase multi-folds on the back of the ‘tech’, which is expected to be the next Amazon or Uber.

Magistral helps you see the opportunities clearly without the hype.

Our Deal Origination service offering makes sure that you don’t miss any deal that is worth investing in. We continuously scan the environment to bring in the best deals possible as per your investment objectives. Our service offerings are:

Industry Reports

Preparing the reports carrying information regarding Industry growth potential, key metrics, attractive targets, funding activity, and successful exits

Target Identification

Identifying targets for M&A and investments with parameters like growth, industry, profitability, number of employees, specific tech, business model, etc.

Target Profiling

Profiling companies of interest to cover financials, strategy, business model, management, competition, and other important parameters for investments

Deal Support Campaigns

Specifically geared towards accelerators, angel investors, and venture funds looking to invest in ideas and smaller companies, it’s an online campaign to find targets

Inbound Deal Flow Support

Finding and screening of all incoming inquiries of investments for suitability.

NDAs and Deal Viability Analysis

First step documentation and strategy support for investing

Typical outcomes of our Deal Origination services

  • Improved IRR due to exhaustive scan of investible universe
  • 30-50% reduction in operational costs for target screening
  • Rationalization of database costs through services