Portfolio Management

Magistral offers Portfolio Management services for varied kinds of the portfolio of companies for a Private Equity or a Venture Capital fund. For all the investors who sit on multiple boards, it is a headache, to implement something in a company that worked in another portfolio company. The problem is more acute when all companies are in similar industries and are facing quite similar headwinds. Limited supervision time available to board members, unavailability of resources across companies, and implementation knowledge held in a single portfolio company, all play spoilsport. It’s like re-inventing the wheel every time for the same problem.

We help portfolio managers in centralizing their Marketing (mostly digital), Strategy (Fund-raising and Exits), and Finance at fraction of the cost required to have dedicated functions in each portfolio company, big or small. The off-shored extended team also ensures no knowledge is lost for similar projects across companies and multiple projects in multiple companies can run at the same time, prioritized as per the schedule of board meetings. Learning, of course, is cross-pollinated across projects.

Our service offerings for portfolio and other companies are:


Identifying add-on acquisitions and potential buyers, Fund-raising Strategy, Exit Strategy, Market Growth Strategy, and Content Marketing


Financial Reporting and Analysis, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Text Cleaning and Mining, Predictive Modeling, KPI tracking, and Web Scraping


List Generation, CRM Cleansing and Management, Competitive Intelligence, and Social Media Management

Financial Planning

Budget Preparation, Forecasting, and Competitive Quarterly Earnings Updates


Spend Analysis, Vendor Identification, and Management, Spend Base Cost Reduction, Category Strategy, RFP Support, Procurement Strategy

Typical outcomes of our Portfolio Management services

  • 30-50% reduction in the cost of operations
  • Up to 20% improvement in sales for companies operating in B2B segments
  • Up to 20% reduction in Procurement spend base
  • Up-to 10% improvements in gross margins due to advanced analytics
  • 30-40% improvement in plan compliance