Financial Modeling

Magistral provides Financial Modeling services for all types of deals. Financial models have been a trusted way to find the contours of a deal. The recent spate of deals in which investors are willing to give significant premiums for explosive growth or a high impact technology, has led to qualitative tweaks to traditional financial models. We not only provide theoretical models but prepare an all-encompassing platform to accommodate all available qualitative and quantitative inputs from multiple stakeholders.

Our Financial Modeling service offering helps analyze an investment from all aspects.

Our service offerings are:

Debt Analysis

Covenant Monitoring, Suitability Analysis of a company for Credit

Modeling and Valuations

LBO and DCF Modeling, Precedent Transaction Analysis, Merger Modeling, Sum of Parts Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Equity Analysis, Comparables

Real Estate Financing Models

Rent Vs. Sell Analysis, Rent Vs. Buy Analysis, Rent Roll Analysis, Property Price Trends, Sell Vs Construct and Sell Analysis

Typical outcomes of our Financial Modeling services

  • Independent and insight based asset valuations
  • Reduction in Operations’ costs
  • Leverage to negotiate a better valuation
  • Exhaustive analysis to get other co-investors for an asset