Fund Strategy and Marketing

‘Dry Powder’ available for investments is at an all-time high. Even funds of $100 billion sizes are being closed in a span of months. This has led to spur in the launch of multiple Emerging Managers, and established Fund Managers are grappling with fund- sizes they have never handled before. Proper Fund Strategy is imperative.

In these times of ‘over-heated’ activity and valuations, Fund Managers throw caution to the wind and start to optimistically invest without an effective Strategy. Magistral helps you gauge the environment for funding and investments before you commit a large-sized fund to an investment philosophy.

We provide fund strategy support to identify or fine-tune geographic and industry focus for the fund. The following are our service offerings:

Fund Strategy

Finding growth potential, investment activity, investment sizes, and macro-economic factors for a specific industry, geography, or an investment philosophy

Private Placement Memorandums

Creating informative, well researched, and well-designed PPMs for PE, VC and Angel funds, Real Estate, Co-investment opportunities, companies, and investment philosophies

Investor Profiling

Finding out the set of right investors for your fund or other investing opportunity and profiling it for further actionable details

Road-Show Support

A support desk for jobs related to publishing, data cleansing, design, editing, and ad-hoc research

Investor Communication

Periodic update of MIS, reports, fund-performance, valuation metrics, fund-raising progress, and others for Boards and Investors (LPs and GPs)

Content Marketing

Creation of well-researched Thought Papers, PoVs, Case Studies, Market Reports, Industry Reports, Company, and News Analysis

Investment Documentation

Creation of SEC-compliant fund and investment documentation like Operating Agreements for funds, investment vehicles and LLCs, PPMs, Subscription Agreements, Investor Questionnaires, Term Sheets and Investor Teaser Templates

Typical outcomes of our services

  • 50-70% reduction in the cost of operations
  • Better investor relations
  • Up to 50% reduction in legal and compliance-related expenses
  • Better chances of fund returning more than 25% IRR
  • Price Competitive Solution
  • 10-20% improvement in hit-rate of investor meetings