Private Equity, Venture Capital and Family Offices

Wealth creation has moved from ‘Post-IPO’ in public markets to ‘Pre-IPO’ in private markets. All indicators related to private investments are at all time high. Gone are the days, when institutional investors would invest in primary and secondary markets to stay in the security for long term, for a continued wealth creation and regular flow of dividends. Increasingly, experienced investment managers are investing in private markets, scaling the company, merge it with others and take the bigger entity public to create wealth for them, while limiting the returns upside for retail and other institutional investors in the secondary market. Magistral specializes in evaluating opportunities for Private Investments.

Who we serve

Private Equity, Private Credit, Independent Sponsors, PE Fund of Funds, Secondary Investors, SBICs, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Limited Partners, Debt Capital Providers, Business Development Companies, Placement Agents and Brokers, Private Equity Consultants

Problems We Solve:

  • M&A and Investment Deal Sourcing for the companies shortlisted for pre-defined criteria like Revenue, Profitability, Number of Employees, Geographic Presence, Technology, Products, etc.
  • Fundraising support for startups and portfolio companies
  • Industry Reports for Industries where significant assets of GPs lie
  • Evaluating funds through our Funds Analytics for LPs and Fund of Funds
  • Due diligence, that is research-based both Primary and Secondary, to uncover the true potential of an asset, while giving a completely independent opinion on investment quality
  • ESG Research
  • Newsletters and MIS for Investors (LPs)
  • Strategy support for new markets and new products’ entry
  • LP Reach-out for Fund-Raising
  • GP Reach-out for co-investing opportunities
  • Asset Valuation using the latest financial modeling methodologies
  • Social Media Content and Marketing Support
  • Preparing Investment Memorandums for Companies, Funds, Co-Investing Opportunities, Real Estate, and Incubators
  • Screening Incoming Deals and Reviewing NDAs
  • Portfolio Management- Research-based support for Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Supply Chain and Sales
  • CRM Management
  • Company List Generation and Profiling suitable for investment
  • Preparing SEC-compliant documentation related to funds and LPs

Case Studies

Rationalizing Research Costs for Portfolio Companies




Finding M&A Targets


Target Due Diligence