Our consulting services draw on our years of experience of working across industries. Asking right questions, analyzing responses and bench-marking with best in the industry are the elements on which our consulting practice adds value to your operations. Following are the models to engage our consulting services:

Level 1 Opportunity Assessment:

We are confident of our processes to show you value in a long-term engagement with us. That’s why we offer Level 1 Opportunity Assessment absolutely free of cost. Please drop a mail to for commissioning a level 1 engagement for any of the functions like strategy, marketing, sales, supply chain, operations or procurement
Level 1 Opportunity Assessment is done using our proprietary set of questionnaires for each of the functions that we specialize in.

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Level 2 Opportunity Assessment:

Level 2 Opportunity Assessment is a deeper and more detailed customized assessment of your functions. It’s customized beyond standard questionnaires. A team of experienced consultants visit your office and collect samples of your work, does number crunching, performs observation studies to provide you with much more actionable intelligence on improving your strategy, marketing, sales, supply chain, operations or procurement functions.

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