Real Estate, REIT and Funds

While all other asset classes have their own cycle of ups and downs, Real Estate as an asset class can be termed evergreen. It enjoys investors’ confidence even in the times of economic downturns. It’s convenient to hold onto tangible nature of the asset class, with a promise of long term yields. It offers best of both worlds in terms of returns and safety of investments. To excel in RE funds, it’s imperative to understand the potential of a property in terms of returns that it could provide. Being able to manage the property over a longer period ensures consistent returns year on year. Magistral helps you navigate the exciting world of Real Estate investments

Who we serve

Real Estate Private Equity, Real Estate Developers and Owners, REITs, Property Consultants and Brokers

Problems We Solve:

  • Fund-raising (Retainer based)
  • Funding Environment Reports
  • Macro-economic Research
  • Road Show Content and Publishing Support
  • Investment Memorandums (Funds, Properties, Farms, Luxury Hotels, Land Banks, Islands, Resorts, etc.)
  • Financial Modeling (Rent Vs Sell, Sell vs. Furnish and Sell, Sell Vs. Hold )
  • Cash Flow Yield Analysis
  • Property Profiling
  • Rent Roll Analysis
  • Rental Comps
  • Property Price Comps
  • Investment Committee Memorandums
  • Funding Requirement Analysis
  • Occupancy Tracker Management
  • Exit Strategy and Business Plan