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In the ever-changing world of global financial markets, one term stands out as crucial and has gained significant attention recently: the “Initial Public Offering” or IPO. An IPO marks a major shift for a company, changing it from privately owned to publicly traded. In this discussion, we will delve into the world of Global IPOs, exploring their importance, the trends that influence them, and the role of Magistral Consulting in guiding companies through this complex process.

Understanding Global IPOs

Global Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) encompass a multifaceted process through which companies actively seek to secure funding from the expansive arena of public markets, subsequently positioning themselves for trading on a global stage across a diverse array of international stock exchanges. This strategic decision ushers in a pivotal juncture where companies, with the allure of becoming publicly traded entities, engage in a sophisticated dance of financial dynamics. By embarking upon this transformative journey, businesses open themselves up to an intricate web of opportunities, drawing the attention and investment interest of a wide-ranging spectrum of investors. This, in turn, serves to broaden the canvas of ownership, infusing the enterprise with a newfound sense of dynamism and engagement from a globally dispersed shareholder base.

Investors who enthusiastically participate in this orchestrated financial ballet, by acquiring shares through an IPO, not only align themselves with the company’s trajectory of growth and expansion but also position themselves to reap potential rewards in the form of dividends and capital appreciation. The act of going public extends beyond a mere financial maneuver; it is akin to the unfolding of a strategic narrative. It involves a deliberate orchestration of steps, much like a carefully choreographed performance, where the curtains rise not only on the company’s presence within the marketplace but also on its credibility, visibility, and valuation.

This strategic pivot radiates its influence beyond the immediate financial realm, sending ripples that reverberate across the entirety of the company’s operational landscape. By transitioning into the public sphere, the company not only taps into the wellspring of capital infusion but also gains an amplified voice within the commercial arena. This elevated platform paves the way for increased brand recognition, robust networking, and an enriched ability to execute strategic initiatives that might have been constrained in a private domain. In essence, an IPO acts as a fulcrum upon which the company’s potential and aspirations are poised to be dynamically leveraged, setting the stage for an evolutionary journey that extends far beyond the moment of listing.

The Importance of Global IPOs in Today’s Economy

In the ever-changing landscape of the global economy, the Initial Public Offering (IPO) emerges as a dynamic gauge of market sentiment and a window into the overall economic vitality. This strategic move undertaken by a company to transition into the public sphere signifies not only a profound vote of confidence in the market’s receptiveness to its products or services but also an assertive commitment to propel itself toward growth, foster innovation, and enhance its competitive stance on the global stage. Importantly, the impact of Global IPOs extends beyond the financial realm, as they serve as catalysts for job creation, playing a pivotal role in the economic advancement of regions and nations. Moreover, the significance of IPOs reverberates through the corridors of technological progress, as the capital injection they provide empowers companies to embark on audacious technological journeys, culminating in pioneering breakthroughs that ripple across various sectors, contributing to the advancement of industries and the broader economic landscape.

Trends in Global IPOs

In the intricate realm of global Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), various factors come together to shape their course. These factors span economic shifts, regulatory transformations, and the ever-evolving preferences of investors. Recent trends within the IPO landscape bring to the forefront several noteworthy facets:

Trends in Global IPOs

Trends in Global IPOs

Influence of Technology

A conspicuous trend within the world of IPOs is the prominence of technology-focused companies. This category encompasses both burgeoning startups and established industry giants. The current IPO landscape bears witness to a surge in these technology-driven enterprises. Innovations spanning artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology breakthroughs, and the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions have galvanized this trend. Such pioneering advancements serve as magnets, attracting investors with a keen interest in being part of transformative progress.

Embracing Global Horizons

In recent times, a notable shift has emerged as companies increasingly opt for cross-border listings. This strategic move enables them to transcend geographical boundaries, tapping into a wider array of potential investors. This approach not only diversifies their investor base but also bolsters liquidity, thereby contributing to a more dynamic IPO experience. This trend resonates with the profound interconnectedness of global markets, recognizing that successful IPOs transcend local confines.

Ethical Considerations Take Center Stage

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have assumed a central role in the narrative of IPOs. Companies that display robust ESG credentials stand out in today’s IPO landscape. Their commitment to ethical and responsible business practices resonates strongly with socially conscious investors. This alignment with sustainable values goes beyond the immediate IPO phase, fostering a trajectory of lasting and meaningful value creation.

Novel Pathways Unfold

The horizon of IPO options has expanded with the emergence of alternative avenues. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and direct listings offer innovative paths to going public. SPACs, in particular, have garnered attention for their capacity to merge IPO aspirations with merger and acquisition strategies. Direct listings, on the other hand, promote transparency and autonomy, enabling companies to communicate directly with discerning investors without intermediaries.

In this multifaceted landscape, these trends underscore the dynamic nature of global IPOs. As companies navigate these shifts, they do so within a framework that reflects technological advancements, embraces global interconnectivity, upholds ethical considerations, and explores innovative IPO pathways. These trends collectively contribute to shaping a future where IPOs not only signify financial milestones but also serve as vehicles for broader economic and societal progress.

Magistral Consulting: Guiding the IPO Journey

In the intricate world of Global IPOs, Magistral Consulting stands out as a trusted guide for companies entering the public arena. With a team of experienced professionals, Magistral offers comprehensive services tailored to expedite and optimize the IPO process:

Magistral Consulting's Global IPO Services

Magistral Consulting’s Global IPO Services

Strategic Planning

At Magistral Consulting, we work closely with our clients to develop a carefully tailored IPO strategy that takes into account the company’s level of readiness and the ever-changing dynamics of the market. Our collaborative approach ensures that every step is well thought-out, aligning with your goals and maximizing your chances of a successful IPO debut.

Financial Expertise

Our team of financial experts at Magistral Consulting is dedicated to ensuring that your IPO journey is smooth and compliant with all necessary regulations. With a deep understanding of the financial landscape, we meticulously guide you through strategic pricing decisions that resonate with investor expectations, laying a solid foundation for your company’s future growth.

Global Insights

In an interconnected world, Magistral Consulting offers invaluable insights into international markets, providing you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices regarding where to list your company. Our global perspective equips you with the tools to assess various listing locations and make decisions that align with your expansion goals.

Regulatory Support

Navigating the intricate web of regulations can be overwhelming, but with Magistral Consulting by your side, you can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience to guide you through the complexities, ensuring that your IPO process remains compliant and efficient, reducing any potential roadblocks.

Investor Relations

Cultivating strong relationships with investors is essential for post-IPO success, and Magistral Consulting excels at crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your investors’ interests. By fostering meaningful connections through effective communication strategies, we set the stage for enduring partnerships that contribute to the long-term growth and prosperity of your company in the public domain.

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From Dutch East India company’s IPO to the largest IPO of Rivian, the Global IPO market as a whole has come a long way. There are multiple global IPO trends that are currently shaping it. The world’s IPOs raised $608 billion in 2021 with the technology and consumer sectors topping the list.

“An IPO is like a negotiated transaction- the seller chooses when to come public- and it’s unlikely to be a time that’s favorable to you” – Warren Buffet

As governments across the world announced covid vaccine programs and stimulus packages, the markets recovered in an unprecedented way.

There was a  worldwide surge in retail investors with active investor accounts increasing by a record 10.4 million in India. There were roughly six million Americans who joined the market by downloading retail brokerage apps. With favorable market conditions and high liquidity, 2682 deals have been finalized globally in the run-up to the IPO. There are many cases of IPOs where venture capital and private equity firms have made tremendous profits by exiting, which is called offering for sale (OFS).

Now the question arises “What’s driving the surge? why even after the pandemic retail investors are taking the risk? Why is there an increasing trend of Venture capital/private equity-backed companies getting a listing on the Stock market? what are the lessons that we can learn from 2021-the year of Investors?

Major Global IPO Trends

IPO trends that are shaping the global markets

Global IPO trend-“The Revitalization”

Massive covid-19 vaccines roll-outs, government stimulus packages, and welfare policies have acted as moral suasion for security and stability. The rebound of global economies with stable growth projections provided an impetus for the pandemic-propelled companies to grow. India has been ranked third in the world behind the US and China in terms of unicorns, disrupting the start-up universe. This clearly shows the growing importance of start-up investing as Technology IPO proceeds increased from  $54billon to $92billion with the Americas and Asia-Pacific the key markets.

Hottest Sectors

In terms of sector share, technology and health grabbed investors’ attention with a worldwide share of 21% and 14%( excluding SPAC IPOs) respectively. The fusion of technology and health would be a future, and investors would embrace it to stay relevant in the coming years.

Climate-focused tech start-ups are becoming increasingly popular with the ability to grow at a breakneck pace. Factors such as favorable government policies and public awareness of climate change are helping to mainstream the issue.


Gender-lens investing(GLI) i.e investments in firms that are led by women, serve women customers or have a gender-balanced approach. The recent successful IPO of NYKAA is the perfect example of how gender-smart investing gaining momentum globally. According to the First round capital research, the founding team that includes both men and women gets stronger valuation growth than the all-male team.


With the successful IPO of Coinbase, there are companies across industries planning to accept cryptocurrency as the mode of payment. The biggest hurdle for the industry is regulations, once they are cleared investors can tap the trillion-dollar opportunity.

Hottest Regions

By region, the US had the largest share of global proceeds which was 57%. EMEA(Europe, the Middle East, and  Africa) had the highest relative year-on-year growth of 367%. In the Asia Pacific, there was a steady growth despite resurgent covid 19 waves in the region.

Even though there was geopolitical tension between the countries, there was a positive environment for IPO activities across many markets including the US, China, Europe, and this would remain the same in the coming years.

Global IPO Trends- The role of retail investors

Factors like increased isolation, lockdowns, more time for introspection, restricted spending, and more cash in hand are some of the factors that urged retailers to go for the investments that they had never done. Now, terms like IPO, Bull run, Startup, Investment, gross margin are being discussed in the family, all thanks to SharkTank. Fixed deposits or mutual funds are not the preferred mode of investment anymore.

With the restricted movement, increased digitalization, and use of social media for almost everything, there is a well-established ecosystem supporting retail investors in every possible way. A recent case of how Reddit users toppled GameStop’s share price is a perfect example of how social media can influence stock markets. Today’s generation is curious, ready to try new things, aware of the global trends whether it is for investments or Tiktok, and the only positive thing that came out of the pandemic is that people are now more mature, and they do not see profitability as the only factor.

Global IPO Trends- Venture capital and Private Equity-backed deals

According to the EY report, In 2021 – 33.6% of global proceed were the deals that are (were) backed by Venture capital and Private Equity firms with the USA having more Venture capital and private equity firms backing IPOs. The US and Europe had 56.5% and 41.1% of global IPO proceeds respectively. There was a slight increase in the cross-border global IPOs which accounted for 18.8% of proceeds in 2021 as opposed to 10% in 2020.

According to a McKinsey report, there was a growth of approximately 20% in the private market in 2021. Private equity remained the highest performing private market asset class.

With the buoyancy in the secondary market and new retail investors entering the market, Venture capital funds and PE firms benefitted the most as seen in the global IPO trend for Offer for sale(OFS).

There was $43.2billion worth of exits made through deals in 2021. Private equity and venture capital investments were 62% higher as compared to 2020 in India. With the booming start-up culture around the world, particularly in Asia, everyone is searching for new ways to invest, and private equity has emerged as the perfect alternative.

The future

The Key concerns are ongoing geopolitics, invasions, higher inflation, new covid variants, higher volatility, lack of knowledge of new-age retail investors. The businesses that sail through these would be likely to grab the investor’s attention.

Ecommerce and financial technology dominated the year, with consumer technology and digital media expected to take center stage in the coming years.

A mix of both technology and the health sector is going to be the center of attraction for years to come. There is a need for more climate tech start-ups like Rivain as climate change problems are here to stay if not dealt with properly. Sustainable mobility is seen to be the investor’s interest as of now. All the governments are changing their policies to become more favorable for electric vehicles.

The global crisis triggered by covid-19 has escalated the need for investments that are more gender-smart. The role of impact-driven investors would be of great importance for the global IPO market.

Crypto Economy is still quite volatile but gaining traction with companies like Coinbase-the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US making way for others.

There are a lot of IPOs in the pipeline like Reddit, which will drive the growth. All we need is to have an impact-driven approach to counter the after-effects of Covid-19 and make a profit in the long run.

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Magistral Consulting has helped multiple funds and companies in outsourcing operations activities. It has service offerings for Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family OfficesInvestment BanksAsset Managers, Hedge Funds, Financial Consultants, Real Estate, REITs, RE fundsCorporates and Portfolio companies. Its functional expertise is around Deal originationDeal Execution, Due Diligence, Financial ModelingPortfolio Management and Equity Research.

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