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An Investor Database is a list of individuals engaged in investing activity that is used to create targeted marketing campaigns. A variety of sources create investor databases, which are typically guarded closely because they have the potential to be highly valuable. A fee is normally associated with accessing an investor database, which is charged for each entry. Instead of scouring the entire database, they are permitted to search by specified criteria, such as looking for investors in particular demographic groupings.

Investor Databases can include information on both individual investors and institutional investors, such as venture capital firms, private equity firms, and hedge funds. They may also include information on angel investors and crowdfunding platforms. Investor databases can be a valuable tool for companies and investment firms, as they can help to identify and target potential investors who are most likely to be interested in a particular opportunity.

An investor database offers a variety of information. To paint a picture of the types of investments that interest the people on the list, names, contact information, and information about investment history is provided. Databases can also gather information on racial background, marital status, earnings, and other things. Surveys and other methods are used to gather this data, which can be used in marketing campaigns in a variety of ways.

Investor Database Utilization

People looking for investors may utilize an investor database to create a target market and then advertise to those consumers to generate initial interest and start an investment. For those looking for a specific type of investor, such as a philanthropist interested in charitable activities, specialty goods like databases of high-net-worth investors are available. The search will produce a list of investors that fit the search criteria, and the user can make contact with investors from that list as needed.

Considering that businesses are legally permitted to retain and disclose information about their consumers, individual investors have no choice over whether their names appear in an investor database. As corporations may be required by law in some locations to establish opt-out systems where customers can decline to allow their data to be shared, it may be possible in some circumstances to limit the release of the data. Because these parties are exempt from the same legal restrictions as corporations tracking customers, it is more difficult to opt out when databases are produced by third parties.

Complete access to an investor database is an option, although it is typically highly expensive and allows users to search through all listed investors. For processing all the database entries, users often need statistics software and other tools because doing so would be too much information to take in all at once. Since the original database owner does not want the product to lose value, those with full access are typically not allowed to sell the data they acquire.

Features of the Investor Database from Magistral

Following are the features of Investors Database from Magistral:

Features of the Investors Database form Magistral

Features of the Investors Database form Magistral

Updated Data

The investor database requires frequent updating of fresh quantitative and qualitative data. The database gains a competitive advantage over its rivals by continuously adding newer participants, while also satisfying the customers who have paid for the service. Numerous experts continuously update Magistral’s investor database at any given time.

Data Accuracy

Accuracy is essential when selecting an investor database. Unquestionably, the data was obtained from reliable international sources by a third-party data supplier. Government listings, business directories, trade exhibitions, websites, reputable publications, opt-in email addresses, and other reliable data sources are a few examples. Furthermore, outdated information is useless. The buyer needs to confirm that the provider performs regular audits to maintain the accuracy and usefulness of the investor database. Important investment decision-makers can be engaged with and turned into qualified leads using a complete purchase-ready database. Magistral gives verified information that it obtains from all reliable sources.

Affordable Prices

Pricing is a key factor when purchasing an investor database. Data is provided for free by some database providers. However, the database can be constrained or have blank or old data fields. As a result, when looking for a provider of investor databases, the price should be considered while ensuring that the other services are offered. Magistral’s investor database offers the finest value, which is merely a few thousand dollars in price.

Additional Services

Any Investors Database’s value is increased by offering additional tailored services in addition to the database. It is difficult to find specialized leads of general partners, limited partners, angel investors, and other investors. Therefore, providing them will be a tremendous benefit. There are countless options available when it comes to acquiring investors for the desired business. The data will be very difficult to categorize, wasting time and lengthening the process in general. To separate data based on the investor’s industry, investment type, and other characteristics, a database solution should be considered. An investor database should categorize and respond to these queries based on investment emphasis, kind, prior investments, and geographic location. One can quickly search the database for investors who are suited for the company thanks to the categorized data. As a result, more time can be spent on creative marketing and fundraising campaigns and less time may be spent exploring data.

The investor database ought to offer the option of a custom search. Once the target investor has been identified, bespoke search enables leisurely data browsing rather than going through each contact. An investor can be looked up by name, type from a dropdown menu, market, or location, depending on where they frequently invest. Using a tailored search, a decent investor list can be obtained in a matter of seconds without having to browse the full investor database.

The investors’ database at Magistral offers flexible search options. Additionally, it provides tailored services for lead creation based on the unique needs of the customers.

Magistral’s Investor Database Composition

From Limited Partners, General Partners, HNIs, and other investors around the world, Magistral offers hundreds of leads. Information about a lead includes their name, phone number, verified email address, company name, address, and investment mandate. A single-user subscription to Magistral’s vast investor database costs $2500 and has a 6-month access period. Additionally, 500 bespoke leads that have been properly tailored to specifications are offered. The primary information sources for the database include a continual secondary internet search, recommendations, and personal contacts. The database is regularly updated by a dedicated team. The database complies with GDPR, but the user is still responsible for making sure that leads are provided with relevant information and the necessary disclaimers. The internal staff at Magistral finds these leads while working on various fundraising initiatives and maintains the company’s investor database. These leads are reliable since they have been utilized to raise money in the past. Customers on a limited budget who wish to get started with the least amount of money necessary can also use this database. Emerging managers or unfunded startups may be among them.

Benefits of Magistral’s Investor Database

Our Investor Database comes with various benefits to suit your requirement:

Benefits of Magistral's Investors Database

Benefits of Magistral’s Investors Database

-Support from analysts for custom research.

-Online product with simple login and search options.

-APIs for transferring data between your current systems.

-Assurance of relevant leads.

-Have access to up to 4500+ limited partners, 9000+ general partners, 6000+ angel investors, 3000+ HNIs, and others.

-Work more productively and generate money more quickly than you otherwise could.

-By establishing direct, beneficial partnerships, you can increase the coverage of your press   release or newsletter mailing.

-Arrange additional in-person meetings and conference calls with prospects.

-Make use of the time our team spent creating the investor database to maximize the time and   effort put in by your company.

-Give your team the tools they need to follow up on leads from trade shows and meetings.

-Reach concentrated pools of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors.

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